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End-of-Line Packaging

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

End-of-Line packaging, also sometimes referred to as tertiary packaging, is exactly that. This equipment takes the finished shelf ready product, places it into a case and then conveys that product to be palletized, stretch wrapped, and prepared for shipping. This is the last step in process before the product leaves the manufacturers dock and sent to a grocery store, retail location when brick and mortar, or another warehouse for e-commerce distribution.  This packaging's sole purpose is to protect the finished product  during the transportation process. Although various types of robots can be found throughout the entire packaging process, many consumers are using robotics to maximize flexibility and ergonomics in their end of line equipment. End of line packaging tends to be the most consistent, where there is a lot of overlap in Primary and Secondary Packaging.

As new equipment is being developed, physical space constraints and flexibility are big drivers for the EOL packaging solutions available on the market. OMNI's commitment to making the most out of your next design and ultimately your customers success is top of mind. Whether that be through robotics, case erecting, palletizing, or wrapping. OMNI will strategically work with you to match your needs and expectations, when implementing plastic products into your equipment.

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